What are your packaging materials made of?

26th November 2020

You may be aware of an updated EFSA (European Food Standards agency) paper published on 28th Aug 2013. The report confirms that Mineral oils can be used as solvents in inks for printing newspapers and magazines and that newspapers can be present in recycled board. This report stated that the industry-wide issue could potentially affect any food products using recycled board containing newspaper.

Whilst the board we used was considered by the UK Food standards Agency to be safe we have elected to eliminate any cause for concern whatsoever and have chosen to change our packaging.

We are pleased to share with you that we have sourced new cardboard to eliminate any doubt that mineral hydrocarbons could be contained within our packaging.

In addition to this, we were guided by the UK Food Standards Agency whose current advice is that there are no immediate health concerns.

Weetabix takes great care to minimise any risk by ensuring the inks used to print our packaging do not contain mineral hydrocarbons and are safe for use on food packaging. Our cardboard packaging is, of course, recyclable.

We do hope that you like the new packaging and understand our reason for change. We look forward to you enjoying your Weetabix for many years to come.

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